What happens if there is a break in?

What is the minimum term a replacement tenant can stay in the property?

Is there a landline in the property that we can make calls from?

Where does Sterling De Vere advertise their rooms?

Will Sterling De Vere replace broken appliances?

How can I opt out of future marketing offers?

How long void do I have from when I book the room to move in date?

Can my guarantor speak on my behalf if I am unavailable to discuss an issue?

What happens if I cannot pay the full amount of Holding Deposit but would still like to rent a room?

What redress schemes are Sterling De Vere a part of?

My roommate wants to move out

Pay my rent in a different currency

I have my own furniture

I forgot to use my reference number while paying the rent

I changed my mind after I have paid my holding deposit

Meter Top-Up required

Steps to be taken if you want a guest to stay over at your property

Room keys lost

Check in/move in directly at the property

Unable to move in on the completion date

Requirements before moving in

Reporting slow internet connection

Updating my contact details

Steps to transfer to another room/property

Submit a feedback with regards to our agents and services

Complaint against my flatmate

Requirements for a replacement

Rent Discount

Opening a Bank Account using the Tenancy Agreement

Are the rooms prices negotiable?

Applying for a job at Sterling De Vere

Does my Guarantor need to sign the contract?

Adding a new roommate to your contract

Registration on Website

No hot water in the property

Can I bring my own TV?

Unknown letters or letters for Sterling De Vere being delivered at your property

How can I report my flatmates being disruptive?

What should I do if I am going on holiday?

Checking/Moving Out Process

Light bulb is not working

How do I return my keys back to your office if my move out date is on a Sunday?

Refund for any extra set of keys you have made

Changing the Room Temperature

Room transfer to another Sterling De Vere branch

Contract Extension

Leakage in the property

Steps to be taken when there is smell of gas within the property

Extra Occupant

Pets in the Property

Party in the Property

Locked Out of the room or the property

Smoke/Fire alarms

Bike Parking

Cutlery and towels

Drying of Clothes

Property Licenses

Flatemate(s) Details

Selling of Properties

Provision of a kettle, toaster, iron and ironing board with no additional cost

Request for a delivery van to transfer your possessions

Rent Reference Number while transferring to another room withing Sterling De Vere

Room Price after Contract Extension


Report a Fault

Request for Extra Furniture

Submit a Complaint

Book a Room Online

Rent Payment